“ ...everything is simple once you understand it.”   ~ Anonymous

The Visual Histology Project is an utterly fascinating look at the art, science, biology, and incredible beauty of the human body on a minute cellular level, for the primary purpose of advanced academic research, post-graduate study, and documentation. Many times magnified, the cell structure and organic color rivals the greatest masterpieces of artistic creation. Without enhancements or color manipulation, the pure microscopic images as viewed directly resemble Vincent Van Gogh's fantastic paintings or the otherworldly landscapes of a special effects rich sci-fi movie. The authors of this project hired me to produce a twenty-six volume series of DVD covers, packaging, labels, t-shirts, and various promotional collateral for distribution to a scholarly audience. The circular logo image, divided into quadrants, evolved from the founder and CEO's original idea to adapt the Native American symbol expressing four essential elements and directions. The calligraphic VH graphic element and the logo typeface were also established by the client.
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