When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
~ Buddhist proverb
'User experience' and 'user interface' design is a grand and complex fusion of art, human behavioral psychology, and evolving new technology; a great leap forward and a richly challenging pursuit. In fields of design such as… graphic design, the term 'charrette' may refer to an intense period of work by one person or a group of people prior to a deadline. The period of a charrette typically involves both focused and sustained effort. The word "charrette" may also be used as a verb, as in, for example, "I am charretting" or "I am on charrette [or: en charrette]," simply meaning I am working long nights, intensively toward a deadline (Wikipedia). "Frantically, furiously, and frenetically" also come up frequently when defining charrette. Totally accurate, though perhaps not the best keyword tags to have associated with my UI/UX work. In any case... wow; thank you to Alyssa of fleetCreature agency, for inspiring me to charrette this stuff up and so much more. A brilliant teacher, equally at ease with words like 'plebeian, practicum, symposium, and manifesto' – yet a fearlessly open, multidimensional human being who truly lives up to her motto "Never Stop Learning."
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