"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
–  Norman Vincent Peale
My Blue Mountain Arts section, equal parts corporate, literary/editorial, and consumer-oriented in scope, truly merits a standalone portfolio category of its own. Universal messages about the power of positive thinking, self-improvement, and a perfect greeting card, book, calendar, or gift for any occasion, communicating every possible range of emotion, describes the channels of manufacture and market reach of this business. One of the pleasures of being a designer in this multifaceted company, was the task of shaping such uplifting, inspiring, and heartfelt content that helps so many individuals express their sincere feelings to their friends, family, and loved ones. Another deeply affirmative aspect of my experience in the BMA graphics department, was the chance to personally meet some outstanding artists and phenomenal poets and writers. The special proprietary glow ink colors, classic painterly look, and traditional silkscreen effects, are achieved using modern printing techniques, and serve to promote unmistakable brand recognition and reinforce the company's signature visual, as well as visually poetic, brand identity. 
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