“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” ~ Martin Buber

I designed these multifold, four color itinerary brochures and registration forms, for the tour operator Asia Transpacific Journeys, recipient of Travel & Leisure's Global Awards honor. The call to action is to reach America's most prestigious institutions' alumni groups directly, and market their customized private Asia/Pacific region tours, offering unique, tailored itineraries of the highest quality, including private receptions, visits to rare temples, and in-depth expeditions. Target audiences for these specialized tours might be experts in anthropology, religious studies, art history, ethnomusicology, international development, or simply aficionados of Asian Cuisine, artifacts, and culture.The images all come from ATJ's immense library of exclusive photographic assets. I created customized area maps in Adobe Illustrator and took each file through the approval process, to final design and production. For more information about this tantalizing company, please visit asiatranspacific.com. Thank you.
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